VECOS single-use tourniquet for adults

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521001 V 125

Catalog Number: 521001 V 125

Areas of use:

  • Isolation wards
  • Paediatrics, oncology, etc. 
  • Rehabilitation and blood donation centres 
  • Nursing and retirement homes 
  • House calls
  • Military hospital, MASH 
  • Emergencies, air rescue, first aid 
  • Epidemic areas 
  • Deserts and tropes


  • Single use: no cross-contamination with MRSA and other germs
  • No cleaning or disinfection of the tourniquet 
  • Elastic strap ensures the optimal compression force (approx. 20 mmHg): simple stretching leads steadily to the required minimum compression force.
  • The velvety soft fleece provides the best possible comfort for the patient: no bruising, lacing or constricting of the skin.
  • Easy handling even with gloves
  • Perfect for wet or very dry environments
  • Micro velcro for easy closing and opening sticks along the complete strap and allows easy retightening if needed.
  • Cost-effective: also usable as compress after venipuncture
  • Particularly low weight: 2.5 g/pc.