About Us

In 2021, bioactiva diagnostica GmbH celebrates its 20th anniversary. Throughout our company’s 20-year timeline, there have been some key moments that lead us to where we are today. These moments helped build our core values and ensured our company’s sustainable growth and success.


Founded in 2001, in Frankfurt Am Main, Bioactiva diagnostica GmbH has been first active in providing raw material for R&D to German IVD players.

In 2004, Bioactiva diagnostica GmbH relocated to Bad Homburg and gradually developed a wider range of products and services within the healthcare & medicine field.

Bioactiva quickly gained the trust of customers in the Middle East and Europe – its first two marketplaces. Founder’s familiarity with the language and culture in those regions allowed him to communicate clearly with partners and easily bridge manufacturers to these geographic areas.

In 2010 Bioactiva partnered up with Biocore, an innovative company specializing in diagnostic tests to further expand our services and supplied products.

In 2018 Bioactiva partnered up with Lionex, a leader in the field of molecular diagnostics and therapeutics, allowing us to join efforts in providing top-quality products to centers all around the world.

Today bioactiva cooperates with over 80 distributors all around the globe. We provide medical consultation & support to numerous research labs, scientific institutions, and non-profit organizations. We help them expand their research and diagnostic abilities to reach newer heights.

Bioactiva is a one-stop provider of high-quality products in the areas of molecular diagnostics, medical technology, laboratory equipment, and more.

At bioactiva diagnostica, customers can find all that they need in one single place. From simple lab tools to top-of-the-line advanced diagnostic kits, bioactiva provides it all. We’re a one-stop-shop for partners, offering premium solutions that cover logistics, customs, shipping, and other needs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an all-in-one solution for healthcare providers, tending to their every need, and providing them with the means necessary to reach newer heights. By offering tailored solutions, groundbreaking technologies, and unmeasurable loyalty we strive to keep our clients on the healthcare frontiers.

We are devoted to the wellbeing of patients by actively improving our products, aiding those in need, and providing them with research-backed top-quality tools.

Our Values

  1. Loyalty to partners
  2. Collaboration in Health
  3. Innovation
  4. Flexibility

Loyalty to partners

Bioactiva is devoted to its partners and distributors. We strive to provide them with everything they need, regardless of circumstances. Maintaining long-term trusted relationships with our partners is what drives our business endeavors. We believe that, together, we can work on common goals: Improving healthcare quality and providing patients with the care they deserve. Through thick and thin, we trust our partners and they trust us to stay true to them and give them the support they need, even in their toughest of times.

Today, we have around 80 distributors all around the world. Certain regions might even have multiple distributors, and not just one, especially if their areas of expertise and focus differ. This goes to make sure that our services and products easily and swiftly reach every center and lab that needs them.

Collaboration in health

When it comes to healthcare, we believe that the patient’s wellbeing is the ultimate goal. This is why we see other companies within our field as partners, not competitors. We all share the same devotion and work restlessly to improve the healthcare sector and provide patients with the best care they can get.

Bioactiva is a manufacturer and reseller at the same time. This allows us to have an extensive arsenal of products to fit any client’s needs. By listening to our clients, and learning their exact goals, we can offer them the best products to help achieve them. With the help of our extensive network of partners, we can provide clients with straightforward solutions to any challenges they face.

We don’t look to sell needless quantities of mediocre brands. We prefer to provide clients with tools that would actually benefit them, regardless of their brand, and regardless of their profit margins. We find that classic competition is inappropriate in the healthcare field. Hence, we don’t aim to only sell brand names. We look for the best quality to satisfy each client’s need, regardless of all else.

Patients above all

Our clients are our partners, and together we are committed to making healthcare better. All of what we do is ultimately being done for every patient’s wellbeing.

Even though we mostly offer services directly to other businesses (B2B), all our thoughts and endeavors go to the patients who are eventually being diagnosed and treated using the tools we provide.

To us, patients are what matter most.

That’s why we put quality and ease-of-access above all, to make sure that top-tier products are available to boost healthcare all around the globe.

Research and Development

All the medical field is based on science, research, and development. Bioactiva allocates a big portion of its resources to improve products and services in ways that best tend to our clients’ needs. Over the past 20 years, our list of products and categories has grown immensely, making bioactiva a one-stop-shop for healthcare providers around the world.

Our passion for research and development drives us to constantly work on achieving further improvement on our own products, and products from other partners as well. The goal is to always make sure that we’re offering top-of-the-line services and products that meet all international standards and even go beyond them.

By working with innovative companies and market leaders in the field of diagnostics, we ensure that our clients are always up to date, and have all the latest tools and groundbreaking technologies at their disposal.


Over the past two decades, bioactiva has developed a highly organized and efficient structure to serve clients.

This structure and intra-departmental cooperation permits bioactiva to fulfill each and every client’s request and guarantees smooth and seamless delivery. We pride ourselves on flexibility. Each order and each client is unique, so we make sure to be dynamic and flexible enough, and we go out of our way to meet our clients’ requests.

We provide every client with tailored solutions that are specifically suitable to meet their individual needs, no matter how challenging they might be. We provide them with multiple options to choose from, and base our recommendations on the market and scientific data, to help them find out the best solution for them.

If a new client is establishing a molecular diagnostics lab, for example, we would provide them with a comprehensive consultation to assess their needs. We don’t stick to one brand or one type of product when making recommendations. Instead, we provide several tailored solutions. This allows the client themselves to choose what they believe is the most cost-effective solution for them, without compromising quality or diagnostic power.

Certified quality

The buyers can be assured that they receive carefully selected and quality assured products. All products sold by bioactiva diagnostica GmbH are CE-certified and our quality management system meets all requirements of the EN ISO 13485 standard. Our portfolio includes more than 2,000 different products. To explore a comprehensive list of them, you can search our online store or contact us directly.