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MTA 400K-1M

Catalog Number: MTA 400K-1M

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Intended UseSturdy handrail scale for a secure feeling during weighing - with EC type approval and approval for professional medical use in medical diagnostics
Expiry date12 Months
Company KERN & SOHN GmbH
Materials Provided
  • Verification class III (verification is optional)
  • Approved as a medical device according to 93/42/EEC 
  • Ideal for care homes, centres for geriatric medicine, internal medicine and many more 
  • The sturdy support structure helps fragile and weak patients to stand safely and, at the same time, allows a precise determination of the patients’ weight 
  • Large surface, for the patient to have the most secure footing, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Particularly easy access to the platform through its low height of just 30 mm 
  • Level indicator to level the balance precisely 
  • Hold function: When patients do not stand or sit completely still, a stable weight is calculated using an average weight and this is then “frozen”. This means that you have sufficient time to attend to the patient first and then take the weight reading in peace
Product NumberMTA 400K-1M
Manufacturer KERN & SOHN GmbH
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