Wheelchair platform scale MWB

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MWB 300K-1

Catalog Number: MWB 300K-1

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Intended UseCompact wheelchair platform scale with two integrated access ramps for easy access
Company KERN & SOHN GmbH
Materials Provided
  •  Especially suitable for weighing patients in wheelchairs because of the low-profile platform which can be approached from either side 
  • The large steel weighing plate also makes it ideal for weighing obese patients 
  • Ideal also for rapid weighing of, e.g. laundry carts, container trolleys, roller containers, etc. 
  • Secure and non-slip positioning with height-adjustable rubber feet 
  • Level indicator to level the balance precisely 
  • Hold function: When patients do not stand or sit completely still, a stable weight is calculated using an average weight and this is then “frozen”. This means that you have sufficient time to attend to the patient first and then take the weight reading in peace
  •  BMI function to determine underweight/ normal weight/surplus weight 
  • The scale can be easily transported using the two handles and two rollers and does not require much storage space
  • Wall mount for the display device
Product NumberMWB 300K-1
Manufacturer KERN & SOHN GmbH
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