Medoject Hypodermic needles

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Catalog Number: CH30012

Siize Metric Size G" Article No.
0.30*12 mm 30G*1/2" CH30012
0.40*12 mm 27G*1/2" CH27012
0.40*20 mm 27G*4/5" CH27045
0.40*20 mm 27G*3/4" CH27034
0.40*38 mm 27G*1 1/2" CH27112
0.45*12 mm 26G*1/2" CH26012
0.45*16 mm 26G*5/8" CH26058
0.45*25 mm 26G*1" CH26100
0.50*16 mm 25G*5/8" CH25058
0.50*20 mm 25G*4/5" CH25100
0.50*25 mm 25G*1" CH25058
0.50*38 mm 25G*1 1/2" CH25045
0.55*25 mm 24G*1" CH25100
0.55*38 mm 24G*1 1/2" CH25112
0.60*16 mm 23G*5/8" CH24100
0.60*25 mm 23G*1" CH24112
0.60*30 mm 23G*1 1/4" CH23058
0.60*38 mm 23G*1 1/2" CH23100
0.60*60 mm 23G*2 1/4" CH23114
0.70*25 mm 22G*1" CH22100
0.70*30 mm 22G*1 1/4" CH22114
0.70*35 mm 22G*1 2/5" CH22125

More Information
Intended UseMedoject needles are made of polypropylene hub and stainless steel tube. They are pyrogen-free, latex-free, DEHP-free, PVCfree and non-toxic. The needles are intended for intramuscular, subcutaneous, intravenous and intra-arterial application
Companybioactiva diagnostica
Product NumberCH30012
ManufacturerVITREX Medical
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