KaWe FLAPLIGHT F.O. Macintosh blade

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Intended UseLaryngoscopes consist of the three main parts: the handle, the blade and the light system, all of which must be compatible with each other. The corresponding spatula installed is a working element of the laryngoscope.
Materials Provided
  • Macintosh blades with replaceable fibre optics
  • The movable blade tip facilitates lifting of the epiglottis and enables a good visibility of the intubation process even in the case of
  • difficult anatomic conditions. An improved visibility and a lower lever action reduce the risk of injury of the larynx and of the teeth.
  • The fibre optic illumination cannot be replaced by the customers themselves. The blades must therefore be sent to KaWe.
  • can be bent up to 60° 0mat stainless steel – prevents back reflection
  • replaceable light guide
  • easy to clean
  • environmentally friendly and cost-effective
  • fibre optic illumination Ø 4 mm, 5500 single fibres minimum
  • can be treated in autoclave at up to 134°C – approx. 2000 times
  • in accordance with DIN ISO 7376
Product Number03.42053.621
ManufacturerKIRCHNER & WILHELM GmbH + Co. KG
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