Genvinset® HLA Celiac Plus

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Intended UseGenvinset® HLA CELIAC Plus is an in vitro diagnostic kit for the detection of HLA-DQB1*02, DQB1*03:02, DQA1*05 and DQA1*03 alleles in genomic DNA extracted from whole blood, and the consequent determination of DQ2 and DQ8 antigens associated to celiac disease. The kit is able to determine the homozygosity or heterozygosity status for the DQB1*02 alleles. The analysis is based on real-time PCR technology using TaqMan® probes.
CertificationCE IVD
Companybioactiva diagnostica GmbH
Storage condition–18°C –30ºC
Product NumberGVS-B5-48
CertificationCE IVD
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