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Catalog Number: GLFOB202

  • FOB R1
  • FOB R2
  • Calibrators 0 – 5
  • Control Level 1
  • Control Level 2
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Intended UseGlenbio FOB Latex Reagent is a latex turbidimetric assay used for the quantitative detection of haemoglobin (faecal occult blood) in human stool samples. The intended use of the test is to make a presumptive diagnosis of faecal occult blood (gastrointestinal bleeding). This assay is simple and widely applicable and test results are obtained in a very short time. This product is optimised for several automated analysers.
CertificationCE IVD
Companybioactiva diagnostica GmbH
Storage condition2 – 8 ºC
Product NumberGLFOB202
ManufacturerGlenbio Ltd
CertificationCE IVD
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