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Katalognummer: 10704

Method: ELISA

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Intended UseSLA/LP is a solid phase enzyme immunoassay employing human recombinant SLA/LP for the quantitative detection of IgG antibodies against soluble liver antigen (SLA) in human serum. The assay is a tool for the diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis (AIH).
Expiry date10-12 Monate
CertificationCE IVD
CompanyAIDA GmbH & Co. KG
Storage condition2 - 8° C
Materials Provided
  • Sample Buffer (5x)
  • Wash Buffer (50x)
  • Negative Control
  • Positive Control
  • Calibrators
  • Conjugate, , IgG
  • TMB Substrate
  • Stop Solution
  • Microtiter plate
Product Number10704
HerstellerAIDA GmbH & Co. KG
ZertifizierungCE IVD
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