Selective Strep Agar, 15x100mm Plate, 17ml

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Katalognummer: A70

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Intended UseHardy Diagnostics Selective Strep Agar is a selective medium recommended for use in the primary isolation of all Streptococcus species, including streptococcal groups A.
Expiry date10-12 Monate
CertificationFor research only
CompanyHardy Diagnostics
Storage condition2 - 8° C
Materials Provided
  • Pancreatic Digest of Casein 15.0gm
  • Peptic Digest of Soybean Meal 5.0gm
  • Sodium Chloride 5.0gm
  • Nucleic Acid 3.0gm
  • Selective Agents 15.3mg
  • Sheep Blood
Product NumberA70
HerstellerHardy Diagnostics
ZertifizierungFor research only
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