LJ (Lowenstein Jensen) Slant, for Mycobacteria, 10ml fill, 20x125mm tube

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Katalognummer: C21

Method: RT-PCR

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Intended UseHardy Diagnostics Lowenstein Jensen Media are recommended for use in the cultivation and isolation of Mycobacterium species.
Expiry date10-12 Monate
CertificationFor research only
CompanyHardy Diagnostics
Storage condition2 - 8° C
Materials Provided
  • Potato Flour 30.0gm
  • Asparagine 3.6gm
  • Monopotassium Phosphate 2.4gm
  • Magnesium Citrate 0.6gm
  • Malachite Green 0.4gm
  • Magnesium Sulfate 0.24gm
  • Glycerol 7.5ml
  • Egg Base 625.0ml
Product NumberC21
HerstellerHardy Diagnostics
ZertifizierungFor research only
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