BactoReal Typing Kit E. coli

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Katalognummer: DVET001

Method: RT-PCR

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Intended UseBactoReal Typing E. coli enthält PCR Primer Sets für die Amplifikation und Detektion von porzinen E. coli Virulenz-assoziierten Genen.
Expiry date10-12 Monate
CertificationFor veterinary use only
Companyingenetix GmbH
Storage condition-20°C
Materials Provided
  • Reagents and devices for DNA-extraction
  • PCR-grade water
  • Disposable powder-free gloves
  • Sterile pipette tips with filters
  • Real-time PCR instrument
  • Appropriate 96 well reaction plates or reaction tubes with corresponding (optical) closing material.
Product NumberDVET001
HerstellerIngenetix GmbH
ZertifizierungVeterinary use only
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